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MimiSmith Restaurant

September 10, 2018

Project Overview

  • My Role: Designer
  • Skills & Tools: Bootstrap, Github, authenticated login, GraphQL
  • Lessons: App development, teamwork process, editing

MimiSmith Restaurant is a Bootstrap, responsive web application created for Web Authoring III (WEB 130) in Spring 2018, in partnership with Mariam Abdelmohsen.


For our final project, we were required to create (on our own or with a partner) a responsive web application in which a user may login through an authenticated form and submit new content via a back-end API that automatically updates on the main page. The suggestion from the instructor Josh Wedekind was to create a website, but Mariam and I were interested in exploring our design skills as well as experimenting with the content and whatever challenges it might bring.

We were required to utilize Graph CoolSass syntax, and JavaScript, all processed through Grunt (installed via command line) and tracked in a repository on Github. In addition, I included royalty-free images from and menu items pulled from random Google searches for inspiration. We used PHP to dynamically change the day of the week to link to a dynamically changing special of the day. This was added in addition to the dynamic content required for the assignment, submitted through the authenticated form and appearing on the homepage.

The result was incredibly satisfactory and I’m proud of the product we delivered. I was excited to partner with someone whose skills I admire. We quickly learned where our talents intersect and diverge, which was challenging and fun. I came to understand my skills and abilities as a project manager and editor in a small group. We both thoroughly enjoy working at our own pace and solving the problems each other created. As I fell into the role of project manager and content creator/editor, I made a lot of final design decisions but always with Mariam’s input and inspired by her original choices. For completing each interactive and authenticated component, I took the lead on getting the basic info about because I was in class more frequently, but Mariam used her knowledge of JavaScript to integrate and troubleshoot those components for the final product. Together, we aligned our skills to create a clean and professional template that went above and beyond the requirements of the assignment.

Look at the MimiSmith Restaurant page 

Read the code on Github

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