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Social Ethics in Information Architecture

March 21, 2019

Information Architecture (IA) is the organization, structure, and labelling of website content. IA is comprised of the website’s informational content, context, and how users interact with the site and its content. IA is directly impacted by the socio-cultural context, ethical considerations, and implicit bias its creators: Information Architects, User Experience (UX) designers, web developers, and more. Designers and content creators who are integrating ethical UX principles into their design must consider the exact words used to create categories, taxonomy, metadata, and labels. “So in user experience, specifically to communication context typically when we speak about ontological factors, we mostly mean language implies certain meaning to us, but may be confusing to others. One word can have a variety of meaning which may be simply opposite to what the user might need to communicate.” — Samir Dash In order to create effective and universally usable websites, information architects must consider the words they... Read more