Playwriting: Pulpits

April 14, 2024

A barista attempts to lure in a fungus gnat with a mysterious mushroom aroma at Pulpits, a pretentious coffee shop. Produced in Centrifuge 2024 with Infinity Box Theatre.

Playwriting: Shutdown Protocol

May 14, 2023

In 2075 CE, a research scientist using 2023’s version of ChatGPT to discover the origin point of singularity must choose between her duty to FamCorp and personal ties to her AI creation. Produced in Centrifuge 2023 with Infinity Box Theatre.

Social Ethics in Information Architecture

March 21, 2019

Information Architecture (IA) is comprised of the website’s informational content, context, and how users interact with the site and its content. IA is directly impacted by the socio-cultural context, ethical considerations, and implicit bias its creators: Information Architects, User Experience (UX) designers, web developers, and more. Designers and content creators who are integrating ethical UX principles into their design must consider the exact words used to create categories, taxonomy, metadata, and labels.