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About Catherine

How will I know I am shining? Because I will feel it.

Midwest born and bred, I transplanted myself to Seattle in 2009. I’ve long loved Seattle’s history of innovation nestled among lush greenery and dense neighborhoods and have developed a deeper appreciation for the land and its stewards. Initially arriving in Seattle to practice theatre, I evolved my love for theatre directing, history, dramaturgy—contextual research, season planning, script development—and production management into a focus on project management and web design. As a web designer and project manager, I aid the expression of unique voices in live performance and digital media with a holistic approach. View my resume to learn more.

Studying web design at Seattle Central College, I discovered that modern web and UX/UI design are a natural extension of my life-long theatre practice. When starting any project including both web and performance, the first contextual research questions we ask are the same: Why did we choose this platform for our production? What do we want the attendee to take away from their experience and interactions? What information does someone need to feel a certain way and is the path clear to that result? When someone attends a production as an audience member, will they be able to have an integrated, holistic experience supported by the mission and purpose of the producers? When someone visits the theatre or a website or interacts with an app, are they easily able to get the most out of their experience? I develop frameworks, consult on projects, and implement ways to bridge the gap between viewer and creator to answer these questions.

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In my free time, I love to cook, write, and ride my bike:

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Catherine Blake Smith
Photo by Adam Boender
Illustration by Kathryn Rathke