catch up: Star Crossed

October 11, 2013

Daniel Christensen and Sasha Streckel in Sending a Message. Photos by Laura Johnston.

In May of 2013, I had the fabulous opportunity of directing one ten-minute play (out of 8) called “Sending a Message,” written by Scotto Moore. It was part of the larger off-night of a cycle of plays called Star Crossed, and other tales from a devious universe. Scotto Moore, playwright, directed four of the plays which were linked in story and character about two star-crossed lovers who have transcend space and time to be together. The other four dealt with the super natural in some way.

My perfect ten-minute play was about time travel, Judy Garland, and murder. The entire process of working with four other directors was enjoyable and rewarding. At no point did I feel overwhelmed or stressed (except when we lost one of our designers and I had to make a prop for my show with the invaluable help of a friend!) because I was always fully supported. We had lots of rehearsal time up front, though not as much at the end because my show was very tech heavy and off-nights at Annex don’t get a lot of tech time. But everything turned out wonderfully, as it does in theatre.

I still remember this project fondly, and look forward to fostering more “director labs” like this one in the future at Annex. Providing more opportunities for novice directors is essential in this town.

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