catch up: SnowGlobed! December 2013

January 24, 2014

The fabulous Rachel Delmar asked me and Keiko Green to collaborate on a holiday-themed new and original theatre piece for her annual love letter to Christmas. Rachel just started a new theatre company, Playing in Progress, and is producing SnowGlobed at West of Lenin on Friday! (#SnowGlobed on Twitter and Facebook.) Keiko wrote a lovely, haunting piece about a young brother and sister who just want the perfect tree for Christmas. Featuring Sarah Winsor, Drew Highlands, and Melanie Verna as the tree.


This experience was awesome. I always love working with Keiko, and I think this piece does well on its own but would be lovely expanded to a full piece. It is dark and haunting. I saw it set in the bleak north Midwest where the snow takes over and everything is silent. Who knows what happens inside people’s homes: some are full of love and light and happiness, but others–like the home of the play’s characters–are empty with desperation and loneliness.

Armed with these thoughts, I what constitutes a lot of research for such a short piece. I got to share it with the actors and choreographer (Kelli Refer) and playwright, but not as much with the audience and you!

Images I culled for mood and styling. I focused a lot on the woman and her blood in the snow.

I also created a playlist of haunting Christmas songs, a couple of which I used for the show itself on Since college, I have listened to the Sounds Familyre Christmas albums. I originally found them on Bandcamp, but their site appears to be disabled now. So I’m glad I got them around Christmas-time! (Perhaps they’re only seasonal?)

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