Its summertime, but the livin’ ain’t easy

September 12, 2014

This entry has been sitting in my drafts since early August. I’ve attempted to write it by thinking about it nearly every day since then, but have barely had the time to sit down and physically write it out.

I started a new job in mid-June that has completely turned my life around. Life is difficult, but this job is worth it and what I need right now. But this website is about my theatrical exploits, so I suppose I should update you on those instead.

Choosing Annex’s 2015 Season

In June we chose our season for 2015 at Annex. It was an arduous and exciting and dramatic process which I love more each year. I had two projects up for consideration, and one was chosen. By the end of the day, we had selected 7 out of 8 projects so we spent the next week deciding on the missing slot. We will be announcing our entire season as soon as I complete the draft of the season announcement.

Spin the Bottle

My biggest news is that starting in 2015, I will produce Spin the Bottle. For 17 years, Bret Fetzer has been producing and curating this monthly cabaret. I am overjoyed to take it over.

There was an article written up in the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog about the history of Spin the Bottle and the legacy Bret leaves behind. I have lots of thoughts about curating and hope to maintain many traditions while introducing some of my own. Please read the article and share it with others! I’ll be excited to share my first curation in January 2015.

14/48 Outdoors

For this, I was band liaison on the second day of the first weekend in mid-August. It was fun. Apparently I brought some tactics to liaising that the Friday person did not, but that people on the following week did. Success! (I think they came up with the tactics on their own, though.) I got to hang out in the sunshine with a bunch of cool people, making sure they were able to hear the songs they would sing snippets of that night (lots of searching for YouTube videos and lyrics) and that they were tracking all of their ideas. I created and printed show sheets, which were a big hit.

In general, I had a great time. It was an exhausting day though, and didn’t allow me to enjoy the theatre I had supported making that day. By the time we got to the performances, I was so tired I didn’t pay attention as much as I would have liked to. The outdoor setting also made it difficult to hear. However, I loved volunteering for the festival and would love to participate again in the festival. It’s a loving and encouraging environment.

Gregory Awards Nominator (shh)

I am a Gregory Awards Nominator for the 2014-2015 season. Starting in August every year, Theatre Puget Sound sends out theatre makers and lovers around Seattle and the surrounding areas to gather feedback about locally produced shows. I get free tickets to productions then I rate them for the moderator. I am also not allowed to write about any of the productions anywhere, which is unfortunate. It means I will continue to seek out shows that are not a part of the nomination process because I want to keep writing here. (Check out my breakdown of John Roderick’s Rendezvous from Tuesday!)

I’m involved with several other projects, including:

Blood Countess (written by Kelleen Conway Blanchard and directed by Bret Fetzer – I’m assistant directing

Zapoi! written by Quinn Armstrong and directed by Kaytlin McIntyre – I’m dramaturging

Horse Girls written by Jenny Rachel Weiner and directed by Norah Elges (opens October 28) – I’m production managing

And some other new works opportunities I’m excited and scared about.

Stay tuned!

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