Playwriting: mythologizing me like I do you

September 2, 2015

Dream Phone.

For The Zig Zag Festival at Annex Theatre in 2015, I wrote a one-act play called mythologizing me like I do you about three friends who venture into the supernatural realm to vanquish the ghost of an ex-lover using the 1990s board game Dream Phone. The original production was directed by L. Nicol Cabe.

The Characters:

DANA – they/them, mid-20s, friend and coworker of Kaleen, dated Sydney
KALEEN – she/her, mid-20s, short temper, Elliott’s college friend
ELLIOTT – they/them, mid- to late-20s, actor, in a long-term relationship with Sam
SYDNEY – they/them, any age, dated Dana for a hot minute
VOICE (from Pink Phone) – they/them, any age, fluctuates between robotic and personable

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